Veteran owned and operated, Foundation Solutions 360 serves the Southfield, MI, area in Oakland County. We’re proud to work with the residents of Southfield to ensure the houses are solid, sturdy, and safe. We focus on three areas at Foundation Solutions 360: waterproofing basements, crawl space repair, and foundation repair. Each of these three services will focus on fixing those issues that are creating damage to your home. For further information on how our company can meet your needs, take the time to contact Foundation Solutions 360.

How We Can Serve The Southfield Community

One of the communities that we cater to is Southfield, MI. The team that will come to your Southfield home will address the problem and create a strategy to fix it. Each technician on our team is experienced, honest, and dependable. When we tell you that we’re going to be at your home, we’ll be there ready to look at the structural problems of your home. Even though the damage might seem like it’s irreparable, our professionals are certified and knowledgeable in many different methods to repair your foundation or eliminate the moisture in your home. We want to do our best to help you get a peace of mind when you work with Foundation Solutions 360.

The Services We Provide

As we mentioned above, we have three focus areas for our services. Each of these services is geared to make sure your home’s foundation is properly cared for. If you find excessive moisture or the crawl space under your home has some structural issues, then our services can fix those issues.

Basement Waterproofing

If your basement is flooding, then we can install floor drains, sump pumps, and more to meet the needs of your home. If you don’t catch flooding issues early on, then you can have enormous and disastrous results, which can turn very expensive very quickly.

Crawl Space Repair

Many homes do not have a vapor barrier, which is how damage and moisture can make their way into the crawl space of your home. By controlling the moisture in the crawl space of your home, you can avoid decaying floors and rotting installation.

Foundation Repair

Your foundation may be trying to tell you that your home needs some repairs. From crack repairs to sinking foundation, we’ve seen it all and can correctly repair it. Your house may depend on these repairs.