Your home should be a safe place, a place to unwind and to relax. When your foundation begins to weaken, your home is no longer a safe and peaceful place. Instead, your home is at risk of being severely damaged, leading to costly repairs. If you believe your home has suffered foundation damages, it is time to call in the experts from Foundation Solutions 360. We are proud to provide the residents of Harrison Township with foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repairs. We can help you put your home back on solid ground in Macomb County.

Quality Services For A Quality Community

As a locally based company, we are proud to provide the beautiful community of Harrison Township with the very best in foundation repair services. Our company is veteran owned and built upon the belief that integrity and quality should always be at the basis of our work. We never cut corners on our jobs and we will always ensure you are aware of what solutions are available for the problem at hand. We believe your home should be your haven and we work hard through our services to leave you with a home you can rely on. When you see the first signs of foundation damages, give our experienced team a call.

Helping The Harrison Township With The Bottom Of Their Homes

Underneath your home lies more than just a foundation. You might also have crawl spaces or perhaps even a basement. When those spaces suffer from water damage, your home as a whole suffers. We can help you with basement waterproofing and crawl space repairs. We also can implement cutting-edge technology to create vapor barriers that ensure water stays out and your home remains moisture and mold-free. Our waterproofing can even assist in turning an unsightly basement into a beautiful space through the presence of new, clean wall coverings. Talk to us about how our vapor barrier wall liners work.

When you need foundation repair in Harrison Township, we are here to help. Contact our team today for a consultation or to learn more about any of our services.