1. Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Flooded Basement

    Flooded basements can happen at any time. Unfortunately, we can’t foresee when a basement will flood, so when it happens, it can be frustrating. Whether it’s winter and the snow is melting and creating puddles of water because of particularly warm weather or it’s due to a high number of days of rain, a basement isn’t waterproofed until you take the proper precautions. Many homes in Michiga…Read More

  2. How To Repair Your Home’s Foundation

    When you Google the phrase ‘How To Repair Your Home’s Foundation,’ you’ll come across a myriad of articles about doing the repairs yourself. You’ll even get a YouTube video about how you can spot signs in your foundation that signal you need to make repairs. While these articles and videos are beneficial to spot signs that your home is in need of repair it doesn’t mean you should get o…Read More

  3. Should You Buy A Home With Foundation Issues?

    Whether you’re purchasing your first house or your tenth, it can be a mix of trepidation and excitement. While it’s a little overwhelming to go through the entire process, it can be enjoyable to know that you’re moving into a brand new house. One of the facets of buying a house is figuring out what needs to be done in the establishment. If you’re looking at a home that needs a little found…Read More

  4. Why Is My Basement Flooding?

    Water is a source of life. However, there are some cases when it can be harmful such as when your basement has water. If you’re experiencing basement water problems, then it’s time we figure out the causes behind it. There’s never a good time for this to happen. Maybe you’ve just bought your home, and it wasn’t disclosed. Maybe you’ve owned your home for thirty years without a leak. Yo…Read More