1. Most Common Causes of Basement Moisture

    Most Common Causes of Basement Moisture

    At Foundation Solutions 360, we want our homeowners with basements to know what to look for when it comes to basement moisture. There are a variety of ways that moisture can develop in your basement, however we want to highlight the most common causes that our basement waterproofing professionals at Foundation Solutions 360 regularly see. […]

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  2. Leaky Basement? Tips to Hiring a Professional Basement Waterproofing Company

    Tips To Hiring A Basement Waterproofing Company

    At Foundations Solutions 360, we are proud to say we have built our business on honesty, integrity and quality craftsmanship. Our duty to serve our community shows throughout our three generations in the basement waterproofing business. For as long as we can remember, we have seen sleazy companies come and go throughout our Michigan area. […]

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  3. How are Moisture and Foundation Problems Related?

    How are Moisture and Foundation Problems Related?

    When it comes to a home’s foundation, most are dug, built and then forgotten about. This is something of an oddity, as without a foundation, most buildings would either sag or sink slowly into the ground. Because they are so lacking in consideration, the majority of problems with foundations are only discovered once a problem […]

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  4. Common Causes of Foundation Problems in Michigan

    Common Causes of Foundation Problems in Michigan

    Your foundation is of course what your home is built upon.  A home’s foundation is obviously built into the ground, and the ground perhaps is not as stable as you might think. Over time the ground around your foundation can settle, which can lead to foundation problems that you will need to address in order […]

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  5. Top Questions to Ask Your Foundation Repair Contractor

    Top Questions to Ask Your Foundation Repair Contractor

    If you’re worried that your home may need foundation repair, you’re likely unsure of who to call. Hiring a Michigan foundation repair contractor can be a daunting process, because so many companies claim to offer this service. At Foundation Solutions 360, we thought it would be a good idea to put a foundation repair contractor […]

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  6. How Foundation Damage Can Impact Resale Value

    How Foundation Damage Can Impact Resale Value

    If you’re either looking to put your home on the market, or looking to buy a home, you’ve likely heard about the impact that costly home repairs can have on the value of any home. One repair that can often be costly and should be examined prior to closing on a home is any foundation […]

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  7. Common Foundation Issues In The Winter

    The official first day of winter isn’t for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean you’re not already bundling up and wearing your boots every time you leave the house. Winter in Michigan can be brutal, which is why it’s vital that you know the common foundation issues you may face this winter. While a […]

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  8. Tips To Prevent Winter Water Damage To Your Pipes

    Something that occurs in Michigan often during the winter is frozen pipes. Due to a chilly winter from lake effect and being a northern state, there are issues that you have to deal with that other Americans do not, especially in the winter. One of those issues is freezing pipes. If you let your pipes […]

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  9. Early Warning Signs Of Winter Weather Foundation Problems

    Winter is coming soon and while that means short, snowy days and nights by the fire, it also can mean damage done to your home. By knowing the early warning signs for foundation problems in the winter, you can ward off issues that might snowball into bigger and bigger ones. Knowing what to look for […]

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  10. Preparing Your Home For Winter

    With the winter weather closing in on Michigan, it’s time that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your house is sturdy, safe, and strong. Going into winter, you want to make sure that your residence is ready for the cold, wet weather. Between frozen pipes and leaks from the roof, the last thing you […]

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