No house is perfect. Every one has flaws, which can be managed when you have a home repair company at your disposal. As a resident of New Baltimore in Macomb County, you have a home improvement company that serves your area. While we are based in Macomb, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to help those who need to fix their basements with waterproofing or foundation with some repairs. If you notice that your home has a few flaws, then don’t wait! Take advantage of our trustworthy business today and reach out with questions about home repairs.

Take Advantage Of These Services At Foundation Solutions 360

At Foundation Solutions 360, we focus on fixing three areas of your home. Those areas include the crawlspace, basement, and the foundation. Each of these areas of your home when damaged, can harm the entire structure. If you have a moist crawlspace, then mold and mildew can grow there and spread to the rest of your home. If your basement is not waterproofed, then you could be susceptible to floods and standing water. If the foundation is not sturdy, then you could be looking at a lot of damage that’s costly. Eliminate worrying about the structure of your home but utilizing these three services.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing creates a solution for the water problems in the bottom level of your home. Instead of dealing with standing water or mildew in the basement, take initiative by waterproofing to avoid damages.

Crawlspace Repair

The crawlspace under your home can be very sensitive to water and items getting inside of it. If you don’t address the damage in the crawlspace, you could be looking at a floor that’s decaying or rotting. Avoid worrying about your crawlspace by investing in repairs.

Foundation Repair

Lastly, we offer foundation repair. Due to the soil contracting and expanding, the foundation of your home may be a little worse for wear. The foundation of your home is the most important, so take the time to address these issues as quickly as possible instead of letting them fester and looking at extensive damage.